R 70.00

Our triple-layered fabric masks have a soft cotton outer and inner layer, with a bonded non-woven interlining for extra protection.

We use very soft elastic that won’t cut into your child’s (or your) ears. 

Our masks are very comfortable, breathable and fit snugly. 

They are available in 5 sizes and a variety of patterns.



XX Small (3 - 4 Years) (H) 9cm      (W) 18cm
Extra Small (5 - 10 years) (H) 10cm    (W) 20cm 
Small (11 - 15 years)    (H) 11.5cm (W) 21cm 
Medium (Women & 16+)   (H) 13cm    (W) 23cm
Large (Men)    (H) 14cm    (W) 24cm