How shopping local impacts communities

"Shop smallmart, not Walmart." - Author Unknown

When we buy local, we're buying something special. We're buying things that show our love for our beautiful country, we’re supporting a community, we’re giving someone a purpose and we’re uplifting people around us who need our support most.

Communities that support local businesses are collective forces for good.  Outside of logistical and environmental benefits, supporting local can completely transform underprivileged communities for the better.

Shop local to create more community jobs

When buying local, we're supporting businesses that employ people from their surrounding communities, encouraging and cultivating positive job growth in the region.

Shop local to encourage entrepreneurship

Uplifting communities by employing locally is amazing, but more so is when the spark of entrepreneurial enthusiasm catches alight and spreads throughout a community. 

At Myang, we provide training, mentoring and material as part of our entrepreneurial model, which enables women in Port Elizabeth to earn a dignified living - without compromising their duties as mothers or breadwinners. 

We nurture their talent and encourage them to showcase their skills by creating beautiful handcrafted items. 

See our story here:

Shop local to show you're proudly South African

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have had a devastating impact on the South African economy, making it more critical than ever for us to be supporting and shopping local.

An item doesn't necessarily have to show a Proudly South African sticker to have been made by proud South Africans.

We invite you to visit our ABOUT US page and find out how we are contributing to the upliftment of communities across South Africa.

Please browse our summer range of proudly South African children's clothing and in giving a beautiful gift to someone, you are also making a huge difference to others.  So buy something special today at and in doing so, help us to give all our seamstresses a good Christmas!

December 02, 2021 by Myang Shopify